Spotlight: Ty Mayfield

By: Ashley Rosenberg

I first saw Ty Mayfield play in Dallas last year when he opened for Ryan Star. I had never heard of him before, but was so wowed by his set. He is a mix of Jason Mraz and Jack’s Mannequin with a his own twist of course. Ty has a great voice and uses his skills on the keyboard to bring his music to the next level, aptly fitting in to the genre of piano pop and rock. He has recently released his first EP, The Curveball EP, which I have been listening to and am really impressed with. He is originally from Tulsa, but is now in Dallas and playing sets all over the place, opening for bands when they pass through. His songs and lyrics are very honest and relatable, reflecting his personality perfectly.
You can check him out on Facebook: Ty Mayfield’s Facebook or Myspace: Ty Mayfield’s Myspace

Check out his live music video for The One For Me from The Curveball EP

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