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Mike RobinsBy Ashley Rosenberg–

Mike Robins is a singer and songwriter from Toronto.  When he is not touring and playing guitar for other bands, he concentrates on his own musical path.  In the past few months, he has released acoustic versions of some of the songs he will release on his first EP later this year.  Mike’s passion is detectable in both his voice and his guitar playing; you feel each song along with him even if you are not experiencing his talent live Air Blower.

Earlier this week, Mike released his first single ever on iTunes.  No Mercy is a very deep and real love song.  After the hurt of heartbreak, it takes time for someone to be ready to love again and to let themselves be loved again.  He promises the strongest love of all once she is ready.  Check out the acoustic versions of No Mercy and two other singles on his Facebook here.  You can buy No Mercy on iTunes here.

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