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Mitch WinehouseBy Alan Ho

After it showed up in my inbox early this morning, it was immediately apparent there is no way this former UK taxi driver turned jazz lounge singer and father of a famous (sometimes for the wrong reasons) fallen music star would fit into the typical mold of The Spotlight.  You ask why have I decided to in your estimation waste blog space on him?  If you get past his famous last name and his daughter’s outside the venue/studio exploits, you have to wonder why he has spent the majority of his adult life driving British cabs and then decided at age 59 to go into what he always felt was right for him.  Once you get past that, you mostly will find out where his daughter got her currently shelved musical talent.

So I present to you on The Spotlight:  Mitch Winehouse.

That is right, the father of currently stalled UK pop star Amy Winehouse and no one is more aware of that fact than her father himself.  “Well of course I wouldn’t be in this position without Amy,” he laughs indulgently, as if anyone could think differently or even see that fact as a negative, “but now the opportunity is there, why not take it? Who wouldn’t want to make an album?”

That album in question is called “Rush of Love” and while his daughter Amy put an early 21st century take on big band jazz/pop sounds with plenty of soul, her father Mitch dials it back even further, right down to the original essence, or what is called today “jazz standards”.   The album’s sound will harken music listeners back to the heydays of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Darin and others who made their mark in the late 40s to the early 60s.  “If I was Michael Buble,” he astutely observes, “I’d have that pressure to sing songs that people already know, to keep up the record sales. But I’m lucky, there’s no pressure, I have a freedom to go deeper, singing new songs and those I don’t want forgotten. Older people will recognise the songs, younger people might learn some new ones.

If you are into old-school Sinatra, one might be pleasantly surprised at the Mitch Winehouse offering…his vocals and lyrics will take you back to those days.  And you will find out where his more famous daughter gets her natural musical chops and influences from!  Aside from her personal troubles, it’s like father, like daughter!


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