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176593_196312557054785_154866604532714_679732_392541_oWho: Crash City
For fans of:  The Maine, All Time Low, Amely, Go Radio, Artist Vs. Poet
Members:  Andrew Stambaugh (Vocals/Guitar), Jordan Tomb (Guitar), Jeremy Olson (Guitar), Nate Hall (Bass/Vocals), Jon Robbins (Drums)
Where: Pittsburgh, PA

Why they are on The Spotlight: 
2011 might just as well be the Year of the Unsigned as the major labels are currently undergoing massive movement internally and lately externally (just Google both EMI and Warner Music Group in one and read) as unsigned acts are making relative waves to be noticed.  The trend continues this year with this power-pop/alt-rock quintet from Pittsburgh, PA called Crash City.  If you are an unabashed fan of the aforementioned above, you will definitely dig the raw and high energy sound from Crash City!  The band is getting geared up for 2011 and it figures to be the year everyone may just take them on a constant “Basis”!  Check ‘em out and find out why we have them in our Spotlight!




Download “Set In Motion”
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Merch @ Big Cartel

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