The Spotlight

Jessie and The Toy BoysBy Alan Ho

Who:  Jessie and The Toy Boys
Where:  Los Angeles
For fans of:  The Ting Tings, 3OH!3, Jupiter Rising

The Spotlight featurette:

Ever wondered whose voice is on The CW’s “We Own the Night” promo spots for the last year and a half?  That is the voice of Jessie Malakouti, otherwise known as the mastermind for Jessie and The Toy Boys.  On cursory examination, she is yet in a long line of electronic-infused pop acts but on deeper examination, she might be so much more:  "I don’t mind that people approach me with one attitude and leave with another," Jessie says. "I like having the power to play with stereotypes… and then shatter them. It’s fun and gratifying."

Once you get down to the essence of Jessie and The Toy Boys, you might realize that Malakouti is indeed a gifted songwriter who also possesses a multi-faceted flair that takes listeners from the European club underground to new wave to old school brash soul all wrapped up in the rock and pop roots she came in with.  In today’s increasingly flash in the pan/lightning in a bottke music world, Jessie and The Toy Boys might be one that you talk about for years to come!  You can catch this dynamic act on tour with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj on Britney’s Femme Fatale tour!

Music video:  Push It (featuring Yelawolf)

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