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BadWho: The Cab
Where:  Las Vegas, NV/Nashville, TN
Song:  Bad
Rating:  4.9/5

Nice guys finish last and girls want the bad boy but for pop/rockers The Cab and specifically their charismatic front man Alex DeLeon is seeking the bad girl following the familiar theme of a previous sour relationship gone bad.  He does leave a parting gift in the beginning of this well-built tune: “I’ve never been one to walk away/But I’ve had enough/And it’s breaking my heart/Cause’ you love me the way you should”, emphatically stating that while he isn’t one to walk away like this but that he’s had enough of the relationship.  Later on in the piece which is a very key and very catchy part is when DeLeon switches mode and pines for the bad girl, someone who will take them on some adventure of their lives in the middle of the night on some random whim:  “Cause I want it bad / I want a bad girl baby, bad / I want a love that’s crazy, yeah / I want a fight / I want to rock and roll and party all night / Yeah, I want it bad”.

”Bad” is a very good, well-built single for the charismatic pop/rockers albeit not treading any new ground lyrically, who are releasing “Symphony Soldier” (release date August 23) completely out of their own pocket and have pre-order packages that would make any major label superstar blush (  And if you hear hints of songs like “Grenade” and “Just The Way You Are”, you are not alone.  The smooth and catchy song was co-produced and co-penned by former label mate Bruno Mars himself.  “Bad” is a perfect end-of-the-summer anthem to blast with the car windows open while driving on an open road. 

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