The Spotlight

tap_01_tumblr_tapBy Alan Ho

Who: The After Party
Where:  Kansas City, KS
For fans of:  The Downtown Fiction, Cash Cash, All Time Low, Backstreet Boys, Jonas Brothers and The Ready Set

Why they are being Spotlighted:  The fast-emerging pop quartet from the Kansas side of Kansas City formed just over a year ago but in that time span, The After Party has become one of the impact player in the indie/unsigned area.  They bring a two-pronged approach to pop music, one prong comes right from the playbooks of the Backstreet Boys and ‘NSYNC almost 15 years ago and the other prong is incorporating today’s pop music into the equation and the end result is a high energy, fast paced approach to pop that everyone will like!  The foursome have been on the national tour circuit such as the Hot Topic Acoustic Tour, seen time with acts like The Cartel, Allstar Weekend and Runner Runner.

Check out their new music video “Can’t Stop” and find out why The After Party isn’t going away anytime soon!


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