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Who:  Our Lives In Motion
Where:  Worcester, MA
For fans of:  The Maine, There for Tomorrow, Amely, Good Charlotte

Album Title: Stages
Release date:  May 3, 2011
Label:  Unsigned/Self-Released
Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Review by Stacie Sullivan, Staff Writer | East Coast

Our Lives In Motion is a five piece band hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts which could also be considered a Pop-Punk wonderland to many music lovers. With an already popular pop-punk music scene, and with bands like Four Year Strong coming from the same city, it seems that Our Lives In Motion has a bright future ahead of them.  The band recently released a new EP called “Stages” in May to follow up their 2010 release, “Salvation In Secrets.” 

The first song “Decadence” sounds just like its title.  The song starts off pretty fast paced with strong guitar and drumming parts.  When the vocals first come into play, it’s apparent that lead vocalist, Dave Beaudreau, has a unique voice that will stick out amongst the other bands in the scene. 

The following song on is called “Perlude” which offers for an instrumental break.  It may seem to be placed too soon in the album at first, but it progresses very nicely into the next song, “Recovery.”  The song titles and overall placement on the album flow nicely together.  “Recovery” in particular is very catchy.

“Recovery” then moves into the next song, called “The Rescue.” This is the strongest song on the album, with a fast paced and catchy instrumental opening.  Beaudreau’s voice also sounds the strongest in this song.  Overall, “The Rescue” has a lot of emotion poured into it. 

The next song, “Strangers Of The Night” is another catchy song on the EP.  It’s something that can be easily listened to in a car with the windows down. 

The closing song, “Unstoppable” is placed perfectly.  It leaves the listener wanting more.     Our Lives In Motion is an easy listen for anyone of all ages and genders.  They’re a band that almost anyone could get into.  They’re a band that anyone could have fun listening to.  If you’re interested in finding a band and watching them grow, then Our Lives in Motion is the one for you.  Hop on the bandwagon before everyone else does, because We’ll be hearing a lot more of them soon.  

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