The Hot Seat on The Blog: The After Party


By Jackie Browne

With songs that instantly catch listeners’ ears, and a sound that combines the best of the boy band era with modern day pop, it’s no surprise that The After Party is quickly becoming a favorite for music lovers across America. Though the group formed just over a year ago, this Kansas City, KS quartet has already begun to make an impact in the underground music scene.  I had the chance to do an interview with Andy from The After Party, check it out below!

Musiqtone: Hi fellas, can you give me one word that describes who you are individually and why you chose that word.
The After Party: Lasagna. We have layers of cheesey, saucey goodness that isn’t fully appreciated at first glance. The deeper you dig, the better it gets!

Musiqtone: Where did you come up with the band name; The After Party?
The After Party: We wanted a name that was catchy and fun, and represented our sound. We made a list of names, and The After Party seemed to fit!

Musiqtone: Can’t stop is a very upbeat track and the video for the song is a huge party. What are some on set memories you can share?
The After Party: The entire day was a really fun experience! It was great having so many fans show up to be in the video, even though it was our first time ever in California. They were all really easy to work with, and kept out the energy throughout the entire day! One of the best memories I have is when everyone jumped in the pool at the end of the shoot, and had a huge water fight! Oh, and our favorite restaurant, Chipotle, sponsored the event!

Musiqtone: What was it like working with Gregg Lillie for the video?
The After Party: It was a blast! Gregg is a really fun guy, and did a great job of putting the whole shoot together. The whole crew was awesome, and made the entire day a really positive experience for everyone.

Musiqtone: Looking into the future, where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
The After Party: In 5 years, I see us touring the world, playing for thousands of people every night! By that time, I’d hope our careers in the music industry would be consistent and long term. We would love to do this for the rest of our lives and support ourselves and our families playing music!

Musiqtone: Who is the one person that inspired you to become musicians?
The After Party: We were all inspired by different people, but I personally was inspired by my dad. He is a musician, and as I kid I grew up around his band and traveled with him to gigs in the area. There are videos of my brother and I singing into the microphone when we were toddlers.

Musiqtone: Who are some of the artists you have playing on your ipod?
The After Party: I kinda listen to a variety of everything. I don’t have an iPod unfortunately, but I listen to the radio a lot. Taylor Swift is my girl right now, that’s all I’ve got to say!!

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