On The Road: Honda Civic Tour

Blink-182By Erica Devaney

When blink-182 announced their “indefinite hiatus,” I never thought I’d get to see them, not only on one tour, but on two. After the success of their huge reunion tour over the summer of 2009, they began what would become their first release since their YEAR self-titled album. And then they headed out on 2011’s Honda Civic Tour, bringing Matt and Kim and My Chemical Romance with them as support.

The Honda Civic Tour has been a hit since its inception in 2001 when blink-182 headlined along with Sum 41 and Alkaline Trio on the tour as well. It was fitting for blink to headline the tour again 10 years later.
I attended the Charlotte date on September 20 with a photo pass in hand and the opportunity to watch some of the show from the pit. Being that close to the action at any show is always great, but at the Honda Civic Tour, the show is still awesome, even from the lawn!

Matt and Kim opened the show and started the night off with their fun style of music. They both put so much energy into performing and you can tell that this is what they live for. Kim is so animated when she plays. Watching her having so much fun on stage makes everyone else have fun, too.

Though the venue was still not full while Matt and Kim played, the crowd seemed to enjoy the set, with many people singing along to their closing song, "Daylight."

The amphitheater and lawn were filled as My Chemical Romance kicked off their set with "Na Na Na." They sounded and looked great, complete with guitarist Frank Iero wearing a cape and vampire teeth, light up mic stands, and vocalist Gerard Way’s bright red hair.

My Chem played a good mix of new songs like "Planetary (Go!)" and "S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W," plus old favorites like "I’m Not Okay" and "Give ’em Hell, Kid." They even threw in "Our Lady of Sorrows," off their first album, for older fans. The crowd exploded when they began playing "Helena." It was great hearing the older songs and seeing the crowd’s excited reaction to them.

Curiously, My Chemical Romance left out one of their biggest singles, "SING," at least on this date of the tour. They ended the set with an interesting choice of a slower song as things focused on Gerard’s singing during "Cancer."
After an impromptu photo op with John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday, it was finally time for blink-182! The excitement in the amphitheater kept growing the closer it got to the time when Mark, Tom and Travis would take the stage.
The crowd exploded as blink arrived on stage and began playing, starting the night off with "Feeling This." From there, they went into, "Up All Night," one of the four songs they played off their new album.

In addition to "Up All Night," they also played "After Midnight," "Heart’s All Gone," and "Ghost on the Dancefloor," all off their upcoming release, Neighborhoods. The new songs were received well from the crowd, though at a blink-182 show, nothing can really top seeing the old favorites like "Dammit" and "All The Small Things" played live.
The light show and video backgrounds were both crazy and colorful. Vocals from Tom and Mark sounded awesome. As with the last tour, a highlight of the show was Travis’ flying drum solo. While it looked similar to his drum solo on the previous tour, it was changed up a bit but was still incredible to see live.

After all this time, blink-182 still put on a great show. Mark and Tom still tell immature jokes and play songs like, "Happy Holidays, You Bastard," and "Family Reunion." Travis is still the incredible drummer that the fans love. Some things never change.

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