Its baaaaack! American Idol baby!

It’s January 15 and you know what time it is!  It’s American Idol!  The hit FOX show, now in its seventh season is doing a little spring cleaning but it’s not too evident in the first stop of the audition tour in the City of Brotherly Love (or Hate if you ask any sports fan outside this little cozy town), Philadelphia.  I admit, I missed the first 35 minutes of the show because family counts more.  So at 7:35 pm, Chicago time, I have seen nothing but a whole lot of crap.  And befitting the title of ‘Brotherly Love,’ we see a lot of ‘Brotherly Suck,’  So I wonder where the alleged spring cleaning is.  Watching some of these auditions have become a rather mind-numbing exercise even if you can remember yet another classic meltdown in the form of the oh-so eloquent speaker Alexis, a 23 year old full-time college student, presumbly at Kutztown.  All I’ll say is…for a meltdown, that was quite eloquent.  Well Day 1 did end on a great note as 26 year old Chicago native Angela gave me some hope that there’s some diamonds out there in Philly.  And kudos to her to go all the way from Chi-town to Philly to do this.

So heres the Day 2 recap cuz I was around to watch it.  And boy was that a bad beginning.  Just check the YouTube updates to see what I’m talking about.  Looks like we spotted a possible Top24er in Kristy, but as I continue to theorize…yes Carrie Underwood has brought Idol a sustained star, but you almost get the feeling, they don’t want another pure country girl or even guy to make it all the way to the Kodak.  And it just goes downhill…and downhill shall it go.  Bad audition after bad audition.  Then theres the guy with the weird stare and singing a dirty song about Paula Abdul.  Wait a sec, my creep-dar just started to go bonkers.  I actually will have to thank Simon for stopping this horror.  And a memo to FOX…please keep idiots like Ben Haar from ever gracing the television again.  Please.

Top24 radar just turned on to 20 year old Chris from Dover, DE.  Just wish Simon wouldn’t expound on the superficial aspects of how the industry works.  He certainly has a sound made for the new soul R&B that is currently paced by John Legend and Chris Brown and yes he has the made-for-album cover look.  I can see a possible Top 24.  So the Top 24 radar has beeped twice in Philly.  And the Top 24 radar just shut down again and the geek-dar has come up and its not for a good reason.  Poor Crystal.  And the day in Philly ends with nanny Brooke, whose voice is a little raw but might have a chance if given a chance to get to Hollywood and Hollywood they give her.

All in all, Philly disappoints again.  Let’s hope the trip to Texas is worth the time.

Till we meet again, I am OUT.

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