Ouch, really?!

By Alan Ho

Blog disclaimer:  This blog post is purely the viewpoint of its entry’s author and in no way a general representation of the views of Musiqtone.com.

UPDATE (10/15/2011):  The web is now ablaze about “Facebook Official” and Heart2Heart.  If this is for real, the K-Pop-styled boy band is definitely off to a hilariously terrible start.  If this is meant to punk the unsuspecting, then its considered a success but still has to be one of the most terrible conceived parodies and still the most terrible brand exposure in the history of marketing. 


With Rebecca Black already a distant memory, a group five guys cobbled together by Lance Bass (formerly of *NSYNC) may have created a music video and song that makes Rebecca’s intro to the music world “Friday” feel like a masterpiece by comparison.  Out goes wanting and waiting for “Friday” and in comes “Facebook Official” and everything that comes with Facebook.  Whether or not it is the worst 3 minutes and 21 seconds of your life you may never get back or whether or not it’s the worst attempt at brand exposure (unsolicited or solicited) in the history of marketing and media, one thing is certain from this blog author:  A-W-F-U-L.  But then again, I’m 27 years old, I’m not a girl under the age of 15.  One look at this boy band called HEART2HEART and you immediately know they are being marketed to an increasingly attention-span deficient section of the teen/tween female populace so if you’re outside of that section, you may find them very hard to swallow and look at. 

The song material makes “Friday” read more like anything out of the Frank Sinatra songbook (seriously) with lyrics like this:

Put a heart on your page, heart-heart on your page
Let’s make it official
Baby you and me, you and me
Facebook official

Wait there’s more where it came from:

Status update, what?
Checking the pics of your butt
Did you see that link on your wall?
Girl, I don’t wanna play Farmville, I just wanna play for real

The song is basically diving into the intricacies, if you wanna call it that the nature of relationships as told through the wonderful world of Facebook and changing one’s relationship status on the social networking giant.  It is quite possibly one of the worst, if not arguably the worst 3 minutes and 21 seconds you may spend in your entire life.  Don’t believe me?  Go and try to watch the video (disclosure:  I couldn’t get past the first 90 seconds before I had to stop and consider taking a very cold shower)! 

And do please sound off, I wanna hear your take on this.  Is this quite possibly the worst music video AND song you have ever seen and/or listened to?  I’m just wondering how long before someone decides to write a pop song geared for Twitter.  While we’re at it, can’t wait for one about LinkedIn, Google+ and hell Spotify?  Ouch…really?!


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