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DSCF4116By Jackie Browne

What:  Cherrytree/Interscope Showcase
Where:  Canada

November 16th marks the date for the LMFAO concert featuring Far East Movement, Natalia Kills, Kay, Frankmusik, Colette Carr and Rye Rye. I wasn’t sure how this night would turn out because to me it seemed like a lot of artists and maybe it would turn for the worse, but I was proved wrong. After sitting down with Natalia Kills before the show and discussing the concert I got a better understanding of what was going on. Cherry Tree Records set up a unique artist line up, and made sure that the fans would have a good time.

The concert was set up into 3 sets; DJ Revue, Far East Movement, and LMFAO. I think that the way they set it up was awesome, like Natalia said, I don’t see why more concerts aren’t set up like this because it’s really the best way to go. The way I see it is; you get more for your money, you’re getting to see more artists live and get to cross them off your bucket list of people to see, and you’re having an awesome night out dancing and signing along with the artists on stage.  This tour has eight artists on the line up where as a regular concert has three or four lined up for you. All the artists on this line up also interacted with each other, they all had at least one duet with someone which I thought was cool to see. Some even had more then one duet, like Natalia who had a duet with Frankmusik for ‘No Champagne‘, ‘Like A G6’ with Far East Movement, and ‘Champagne Showers’ with LMFAO.
DSCF4317I really liked how they included the lights in the earlier sets, and Rye Rye used the strobe lights at the end of her set with Kay. It really pumped the crowd up for Far East Movement. When Far East Movement hit the stage the crowd went wild. These guys really know how to steal the audience’s attention and get them up and moving. FEM have the best energy I’ve seen to date, they jump and dance around the stage the whole time they are up. I saw them on the Lil Wayne tour and on this tour and both times I didn’t recall them taking any breaks to catch their breath. Every time I listen to ‘If I Was You’ I can see their dance moves and I feel like dancing down the street using their moves. It’s upbeat and makes you want to dance, so if you are into party music, and you’re looking for some music to add to your party play list check these guys out. These guys are very classy and love to dress classy. What you see is what you get, these guys are always dressed up. Whether they are on stage or getting on an airplane. They had a really good light show going on, a few strobe lights here and there and a lot of colourful lights streaming down on the stage and on the audience. I don’t recall anybody in the audience sitting down through their performance.

Now of course I’m sure everyone has heard of LMFAO, and if you haven’t you’ve got to be hiding unDSCF4142der a rock or something. These guys are the biggest party duo in the world right now, their most famous single is ‘Party Rock Anthem’ and everyday people are shuffling to this song. LMFAO is known to party and have a good time, and that’s exactly what they did on stage in Ottawa, ON. They got the crowd wild and had a big party with thousands of their fans. They soaked the crowd with champagne, shuffled until they couldn’t shuffle anymore and just had a good time. Their lighting was awesome it was like being in a night club, everyone was drinking and having a good time with the guys. They performed all of their big singles including ‘I’m In Miami Trick’, “Champagne Showers’, ‘Party Rock Anthem’ etc. This was defiantly the party place to be in Ottawa on November 16th and if you missed it, you missed out on a huge party. It’s defiantly a concert worth seeing if they are coming your way.


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