British band succeeds at making a name for itself in America

IMG-20111118-00662By Hailey Sager

This past week, I had the privileged of travelling around the state of Florida to see all six of the Florida tour dates of Mayday Parade’s Noise Tour.  Some people thought what I was doing was absurd, but I had the time of my life. I decided to attend all six dates in Florida when I found out that You Me At Six were on the bill. Being a band from the United Kingdom, they do not come to the United States often. I knew I needed to get my You Me At Six fix in before they left the country again.

The last leg of the tour started in Gainesville, Florida, then it moved onto St. Petersburg, continuing in Tallahassee. Tallahassee was my favorite night of the six dates. My sister and I left Gainesville at 5:30 in the morning. She had to be at the venue at noon because she was the runner for the bands. I had a nice dinner with my best friends who go to school in Tallahassee. After we ate, they dropped me off at Floyd’s where the line was literally wrapped around the entire building. I cheated and met up with some friends towards the front of the line. I made it acceptable because I do not like to be front and center at the barricade to watch bands.

Once I was in the venue, I met up with my sister who had an all-access pass for me! It basically just let me take a breath of fresh air in between sets that I would not normally get with venues ‘Under-21 No Re-entry’ rule. After I got my pass from my sister I went up to the merchandise tables and bought a You Me At Six shirt from Dan, their merch guy. I made it known how upset I was that “Sinners Never Sleep” is still not available until January here in America. It later became all right during You Me At Six’s set when they announced they were bringing it to American in January and February with a headlining tour.

A new band to the music scene, The Make, kicked off every night of the Noise Tour. Every night I looked forward to watching their performance because of how original they are. If you are interested in an indie-pop version of Jason Mraz you should definitely listen to The Make.

Up next, were Orlando natives, There For Tomorrow. Even though they are from where I live, I had never seen them before this tour. They held their own in this crowd with just as many people singing along to their songs as Mayday Parade’s songs.

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