Someone to watch: Midwest Kings

Who:  Midwest Kings
Where:  Tulsa, OK
The band:  Andy Skib (lead vocals, guitar), DR (guitars), Josh Center (drums)
Claim to fame:  Now former long-time moonlighting bassist (and occasional vocalist) David Cook has gone from that (and bartending) to budding star thanks to winning season 7 of ‘American Idol’.
For fans of:  Goo Goo Dolls, Treaty of Paris, Pearl Jam

The Tulsa mainstays will certainly find new fans as former long time moonlighting bassist David Cook has gone on to much success winning season 7 of the FOX smash hit ‘American Idol’ and embarks on a solo (?) career and the residual effects of the win couldn’t come at a better time for this still yet hidden gem.  With bands like Goo Goo Dolls aging, why labels have yet to even look further to this band remains a mystery.  The sound is very remniscent of Goo Goo at its height with a touch of Ramones-style punk and the arena feeling of Pearl Jam.

The band currently is on a little hiatus, but are playing shows in and around the Tulsa area and lead man Andy Skib has a little solo project going called To Have Heroes.

And for you Cook Crazies (if it hasn’t been termed for his fans, then we’re claiming the name!) out there, be sure to go to the MWK myspace and listen to "Til’ I’m Blue…" your Cook fix might be satisfied.  The song, with what seems to be Cook on vocals might give you an idea for what the reigning Idol champ may have in store.

Better watch this band or we might just say:  "WE TOLD YOU SO!"


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1 comment for “Someone to watch: Midwest Kings

  1. rdiogrl
    May 27, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    Til I’m Blue was recorded before David joined the band…that’s not him singing.

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