Musiqtone needs your help….partially!

By Alan Ho

I know our audience isn’t tech nerdy like I am but Musiqtone in 2012 is in midst of creating future expansion and space…this means we need a new dedicated server in which to house not only the site, but the growing music video and song streaming library.  We also need to expand our RAM and CPU in order to meet a growing smartphone and tablet audience accessing the site…as well as keeping downtime to a minimum because we cannot handle the crush of site traffic.  Because of current and future demand, we have to upgrade to a much more robust and higher dedicated server to meet it. 

We are currently on Dreamhost’s “Half Moon 2” setup and we are seeking an upgrade to “Blue Moon 8” server.  It is double the core processing power, quadruple the RAM so we can meet the demand and stress, especially as we grow our mobile segment but most of all, we get a terabyte of hard drive space we can virtualize into “unlimited” and we’d finally get automatic RAID backup in the event the server decides it wants to take a siesta or power outage.  This ensures we don’t lose a thing, we don’t lose a single video interview, a single music video or any piece of content, especially on the blogs.  Dreamhost is willing to sell us the new setup at the Blue Moon 4 price on a year to year with free tech support, callback and chat, but we have to pay the yearly cost upfront, which comes to $2,028!  I have already fronted half the cost, but we need a little help or as much as we can get to achieve a major upgrade and set Musiqtone for the future so we can expand our video interviews, grow our mobile segments and continue to bring fresh content into the artists you know and the ones you need to know or don’t know just yet!

You can help us one of two ways…we have set up two links.  Both are the same page with one difference:  One will allow you to choose how much you would like to contribute to our server purchase fund and the other is fixed at “30”, “45” and “50”.  We want to try to close this by June 30!


Donate Here:

Custom Donation
Fixed Donation (30, 45 and 50)

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