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Who: Justin Bieber
Song: Boyfriend

Beliebers unite!  The pop superstar’s new single “Boyfriend” is now out in the wild and on whichever digital retailer you prefer, like iTunes…but before you buy, we got a full listen right here, painstakingly searched on YouTube!

“Boyfriend” is certainly a stark departure from the admittedly PG-flavor coming out of the My World series and why not…the kid is indeed growing up whether or not some of his fan base would care to admit.  He does take a liberal page out of Justin Timberlake’s playbook when he went solo and released Justified in 2002, so Bieber is definitely pushing the envelope on this one and sounds much more “mature”.  Is it a risk worth taking?  On paper, we’d have to say yes otherwise if there was any doubt that it could alienate a lot of his fans, who are also growing up themselves, why take it in the first place?  The only other question posed is, with this single, is the Biebs looking to make his own unique and indelible on pop music like the OTHER Justin nearly a decade ago?  That’s something to be answered when Bieber’s sophomore album drops…

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“Boyfriend” single:

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