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6094_111548694485_9189674485_2068015_7631288_nBy Hailey Sager

Who: Ed Sheeran
Where:  Halifax, England, UK
For Fans of: Jason Mraz, James Morrison, and Damien Rice

In a decade where the British are re-invading the United States, Ed Sheeran is among the forerunners of top British talent. His vocal style goes way beyond that of your typical singer-songwriter. He has one of those voices that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. His voice may be soft and delicate but his lyrics stand out in a powerful way. I wouldn’t really compare him to anyone, but if I had to, I would say he has the smooth voice like James Morrison and other singer-songwriters, but he also can hold a beat like Jason Mraz.

While the United Kingdom knows of Ed’s hip-hop abilities, here in the US, we get a dose of these abilities in his mixtape, The Slumdon Bridge, with well-known rapper Yelawolf. While his debut album in the UK has been out since September 2011, it won’t be released here in the US until June 12, 2012. In the meantime, you can pick up The A Team EP and his iTunes Festival live album on iTunes. These EP’s prove that music and actual talent is really what matters. When Ed Sheeran performs he shows his range when he stops playing guitar and sings a capella.

Ed Sheeran has been compared to being the male equivalent to Adele in the UK. While Adele won the Brit Award for Best British Female in 2012, Ed won the Brit Award for British Solo Male Artist. Winning a Brit Award in the UK is like winning a Grammy here in the US.  When Ed isn’t busy writing, recording and touring for his own album, he writes for other artists. He wrote the song “Moments” for fellow British sensation, One Direction’s deluxe album, Up All Night. Even though “The A Team” is Ed’s first single here in the US, he has 4 singles in the UK. His music video for Lego House has well-known actor, Rupert Grint, in the lead role.

Although Ed Sheeran had a few performances at SXSW 2012 – one of them being Perez Hilton’s special event – he is embarking on his first US tour as main support for Snow Patrol. With “The A Team” making giant radio waves, and it being the decade for the British to re-invade America, there is no doubt that Ed Sheeran will have just as much success in America that he does in the UK.

You can check out Ed Sheeran’s music video for Lego House starring Rupert Grint here:

Also his official music video for The A Team here:

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