Ed Sheeran keeps the British re-invasion alive one city at a time.

6094_111548694485_9189674485_2068015_7631288_nBy Hailey Sager

Ed Sheeran is a very well known British singer songwriter and R&B sensation. When I found out back in January that he was the opening support for Snow Patrol’s US headlining tour, I knew I had to get tickets. I rushed the next day to the box office at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida to get my sister and I tickets for her birthday. Once we got through January, February and most of March it was finally March 29 and time to see Ed Sheeran.

In recent months, Ed was traveling around the world promoting his new album "+" through touring. In America, he had only played at Perez Hilton’s, South By South West concert evening, and Orlando, Florida was the first night of his tour with Snow Patrol. We weren’t sure what the fans were going to be like so we got to City Walk early in the day. There were a handful of people in line already, so my sister and I went on rides at Universal Studios and ate dinner before getting in line.

It was perfect timing because when doors opened my sister and I were in the front row dead center for Ed’s set! When he first walked out on stage it was such an awesome feeling because after months of waiting, it was finally time to see Ed perform. His debut album "+" isn’t available here in the US until June but lucky for us fans seeing him on the road he has the album for sale. The first thing I did when I walked into the venue was purchase the album.

His set was shorter than I was hoping for, but he made the most of the four songs he played. I am not sure if it is a new trend or not but at the past few singer/songwriter shows I have been to, the artist uses a loop pedal to record either a second guitar part or a second harmony. Ed Sheeran used the loop to record vocals, beats, and crowd harmonies throughout his performances. It came in handy during his first song, “Give Me Love.” The loop was also put to use with his second song “Grade 8” to make the beat of the crowd favorite.

His first US single, The A Team, followed next in the set. The entire crowd was singing along from the first lyric and even humming along until the last beat. It was an amazing feeling for me being a long time fan to hear the crowd singing along, I can’t even begin to think what it must have felt like to be Ed hearing so many new fans singing his songs.

Before his final song began, he announced that he would be signing at his merch table after his set. Seventy-three percent of the crowd flocked to the back of the venue. My sister and I waited to hear his final song which Ed took the time to perform with it lasting a full fourteen minutes. It was remarkable how long he sang this song. You could tell he was having as much fun as possible with it while he had the crowd singing the back up gang vocals.

As amazing and well planned out the four songs were, I would have liked to hear either, “U.N.I.,” “Drunk,” or “Lego House” performed live. They are a few of his really popular songs and although I understand why he picked the songs he did, it would have been the cherry on top of his set!

The line was super long to meet him before Snow Patrol’s set but my sister and I, along with a few people we met in the crowd were at the beginning of the line to meet him after the show. He was very humble and couldn’t believe how long the line was to meet him on the first night of his tour in America. If you are planning on seeing Snow Patrol on the rest of their US tour, get there early so you don’t miss Ed Sheeran’s performance!

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