The Premiere Box


By Alan Ho

Who: John Mayer
Video:  Shadow Days

After what certainly feels like an eternity, John Mayer is back in the music world!  Despite shelving a long awaited tour, his album Born and Raised is still on track for a May 22 release date.  In the meantime, check out the music video to “Shadow Days”, the first single from his upcoming new album!  The song is a far cry from his “Your Body Is a Wonderland” days and furthers his return to the blues, soul and bluegrass he grew up on growing up in Fairfield, CT.

The video features a starkly different looking John as he embarks on a self-reflective journey to the West replete with fantastic sunsets and picturesque desert landscapes, set to perhaps his heaviest and contemplative lyrics ever to date.  This song and likely the entire album is not for the section of John’s fanbase looking for the breezier tunes from Room For Squares and Heavier Things.  Remember, this dude’s been through A LOT since those two albums.


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