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By Alan Ho

Who:  Michi
Where: Shamokin, PA
For fans of:  Ray LaMontagne, Fiona Apple, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Regina Spektor

While most 16 year olds are dealing with whatever typical 16 year olds deal with these days, singer-songwriter Michi is crafting and making music well beyond her 16 years.  On top of her amazing songwriting, she also plays the piano, guitar and clarinet on top of learning to play the drums at age 5.  And for good measure, Michi attended the highly selective and prestigious Berklee College of Music’s Guitar Sessions Program and ultimately selected to audition for a scholarship.

Already on her third album, Michi combines her unique vocals you got to hear with brutally honest songwriting beyond her teenage years, evoking comparisons to Fiona Apple and Ray Lamontagne and her prolific talent on several instruments.  And in a landscape that is increasing in cookie-cutter acts about the same age group as her, Michi may offer an increasingly rare bright light amongst that landscape.

Check out the first single from her third album Where Your Heart Is, titled “Mulberry Breakdown”, a somewhat breezy but heartwrenching track that showcases everything Michi has to offer!  And as a special bonus, sample her album in its entirety, thanks to her Bandcamp page!

Mulberry Breakdown (Soundcloud)

Album Preview:


ReverbNation page
Bandcamp Page
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