Mumford & Sons prep up for sophomore album, reveals release date

By Alan Ho

After a very successful 2011 which saw Mumford & Sons breakout in spectacular fashion with their high energy take on folk rock, the group is ready for some more.  The folk rock outfit revealed via a video interview by press outlet 3FM at the famed Pinkpop Festival in The Netherlands that they had completed the tracks for their anticipated sophomore followup to their breakout Sigh No More. 

"We finished the record this week," says multi-instrumentalist Ben Lovett to 3FM . "We hope to get it out in September. We just figured that out, September 24th."

Lovett tells 3FM that the upcoming effort will not stray away from what turned Mumford into one of 2011’s biggest breakout bands. 

"There’s similarities, yeah," he says. "Nothing’s really changed in our dynamic as a band. We write songs together and they’re very much based in our experiences. The instruments are pretty much the same, except for a few we’ve picked up along the way. For the most part, it’s a progression. We don’t want to reinvent ourselves."

While the group still has a few things left in their touring schedule, they will not be playing any new material or reveal what is coming in the untitled sophomore effort.

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