The Audio Booth: Dave Barnes

Who:  Dave BarnesWhere:  The Taste of Chicago, July 5, 2008Why you need to listen:  The big cheese at puts the emerging singer-songwriter from Tennessee on the Hot Seat before he took the stage opening for Bonnie Raitt at the Taste of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.  Listen for his wacky answer about disco music and […]

The IndieLight: The Shures

Who: The Shures Where:  Technically the U.K. but one can say the good ol’ World Wide Web. Members: Chris Kennedy (United Kingdom), Ashley B. (US), and Gabriel C. (Australia) Why you need to watch ’em:  Music as a medium […]

Music video premiere: Nathan Morris

Who: Nathan Morris Video: Vagabond Why you should watch:  Beautifully shot, this contemplative song is sure to tug at your heartstrings.  First single off of his full-length debut, ‘A Gentleman’s Closure’. Video: […]

Special YouTube Special: We Are Scientists

PIRATESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Pirates driving semi-trucks?  OK, this is not some scenario conjured up by Family Guy’s Peter Griffin.  Also, there’s a girl who wishes into a well that smells like Axe and she’s burning wood to make an immune system boosting shake.  Only We Are Scientists […]

Music video premiere: Prima J

Who: Prima J Video:  Corazon (You’re Not Alone) Why you should watch:  The Latin American twins are set to fire up the music world with their brand of dance, a little rock, and plenty of Latin R&B beats this year after they landed […]

Music video premiere: Jonas Brothers: Burnin’ Up

Who:  Jonas Brothers Video:  Burnin’ Up Why you should watch:  The buzz continues to rise and gets ready to burst Friday night as the Disney movie ‘Camp Rock’ gets set to premiere on television sets all over the world.  Catch the runaway teen pop stars in their debut video and song from their upcoming album, […]