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Saturday, February 23rd
The Critics Corner: Albums
Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato- Don't Forget
Disney star makes stellar album debut
Don't Forget Name: "Don't Forget"
Label: Hollywood/Disney
Release Date: September 23, 2008
My rating: 4.5 out of 5

Review written by: Spencer Abbott
"Don't Forget", Demi Lovato's debut album, is one of the most anticipated releases this year for Disney fans. This album has an amazing spark to it. Full of pop/rock tracks, it is definitely not the average "Pop Princess" album. The songs are easy to dance and just rock out to.

The first track "La La Land", my personal favorite, kicks the album off with an intense taste of Demi's opinion on how she doesn't really care that people don't like her because of where she is making her name. "Well some may say I need to be afraid of losing everything, because of where I had my start and where I made my name. well everythings the same in La La Land machine" This is a really fun song, easy lyrics, and a great beat to just rock out to.

Next, is the hit single, "Get Back," another great song with a killer rock beat. The song, in short, is about wanting to get back with an ex. Yet, it strays from the oh so popular break up songs. Demi's vocal ranges shine in this song, going from soft and shy to loud and rocker in a beat. However, the hit single gets a bit distracting when Demi chants out "Get Back" too many times over the course of the song.

"Trainwreck" follows the flow of the first two songs beatwise. Demi's own piano playing gives this song a cool flair.

The album just keeps getting stronger as it goes on. This is definitely the best CD to get pumped up to for a night of dancing. "Party" is, basically what the title says, a song about partying, dancing and just having fun. It the longest song on the album at 3:55, but worth the listen. With great lyrics and an intense beat, it is an all around good song.

The album tones down just a little bit for track 5, which features the Jonas Brothers. "On The Line" is just not one of my favorite songs. It's very different from all the other songs on the album. I'd almost classify it as the misfit. It sounds more Jonas Brothers-ish then Demi Lovato, which might be because the JB had a hand in writing this song as well as about half the tracks on the album.

"Don't Forget," this song is very different. Once again shows Demi's amazing vocal abilities. Starting off with very soft, cautious verses. By the refrain, it busts into a fast, hard, loud track. Then softens for each chorus. "Did you forget, that I was even alive, did you forget everything we ever had, did you forget, did you forget about me?" is the opening line which just pulls you in to keep listening.

The tracks "Gonna Get Caught", "Until You're Mine" and "The Middle" return to the familiar sound of the first four tracks with the rock beats.

One track that really stands out in this album is future single "Two Worlds Collide" which was written about Selena Gomez while filming their movie that they just made together. It's the softest and slowest song on the album, but one of the most moving. It shows that Demi and Selena have a very genuine friendship and that she cares for her friends. But it also shows how different they are from one another. "You had your dreams I had mine, you had your fears I was fine showed me what I couldn't find when two different worlds collide." The intro to this song also reminds me a lot of the Jonas Brothers' song "When You Look Me In The Eyes" with just a faster beat and more emphasis on drums.

The other noteworthy song is the slower tempo "Believe In Me." Once again Demi shines with her singing and piano skills. The song is, in essence, about remembering who you are in life in everything else. It's about how people get caught up in things where they just lose themselves. It's about believing in yourself and not really caring what others say.

Overall I think that this is one of the better albums released from the teen pop arm of Hollywood Records in recent memory. The songs are heartfelt and honest. Demi's writing abilities and overall music abilities are showcased in this album.

Alan HoSpencer Abbott is a staff writer in the Midwest region for Musiqtone.com. You can contact her at spencerabbott@musiqtone.com or fill out this feedback form below.
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