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Tuesday, November 13th
Music Reviews: Concerts
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Relient K
The Compromising... Tour- Seattle, WA

All Time Low puts on a party in Seattle
"Like a party in your pants." All Time Low's Myspace page quotes. There's no qualm that the crowd outside of El Corazon are nonetheless lively and excited about tonight's schema not even allowing the precipitation of Seattle bring them down. For tonight in Seattle All Time Low's "The Compromising of Integrity, Morality & Principles in Exchange for Money Tour" takes center stage tonight respectively appearing with Every Avenue, The Maine, and Mayday Parade. But is it likely that a party in your pants will occur?

One of the many venues of Seattle, a little on the smaller size, El Corazon was sold out. The crowd continues to fill the setting, each fan buzzing on about who they'd like to see perform or what songs to be played Every Avenue's fanfare of an intro begins. As the intro ends the band goes right into "Days of the Old." Soon enough the crowd begins to jump up and down to the beat of music. The song coming to a close, singer and bassist David Strauchman and Matt Black make note of Seattle being one of the smaller crowds they had performed to on the tour so far. Continuing with their set the band performs "Freak Out, "Think of You Later", and "Trading Heart Beats". Before their final song of the night once again the band makes a comment that some Seattle fans may hold to heart; that for their first time here, they're glad to call it home to write their new record and one of the best places to perform. With that the band flies into "Where Were You?", finishing their set and bidding adieu to the crowd.

With members of crew running around fluidly trying to move drum kits and cab stacks swiftly to allow the new gear on stage. The room is already steamy as heat is wafting from the front to the raised level by the sound booth. Everything is set up and the lights dim, soon enough screams fill the room as The Maine arrives on stage. Dancing up to the microphone John O'Callaghan swiftly states "Girls Do What They Want" initiates the rest of the group to play. After the songs "We Rock Along" and "I Must Be Dreaming" the crowd doesn't seem as tapped into the music as before. The group brushes it off continuing to jump around and perform the song "Count'em One, Two, Three." It's about halfway through the set and crowd is finally warming up to The Maine. With interaction of the crowd John gets pulled into a conversation of water and roofies. Though considering the crowd has the average age of thirteen it flies over most of the crowd. He laughs and says "If a stranger hands you a drink and says drink this, don't. You'll wake up after…Oh wait never mind." Garrett buts in "unless you want your…" Then John apologizes after seeing mothers' in the back shaking they're heads. "I'm sorry, I see moms in the back and they're probably thinking fuck that kid! We're taking our kids home. But I am sorry!" The Maine finishes with a bang, the audience grew to love them after that little squabble. The band finished with "The Way We Talk" and "Everything I Ask For."

Background music and buzzing from the groups of kids chatting fill the room as fans rush to merchandise tables to buy cds and t-shirts. Everyone is done rushing to buy things and hurries back to their spots on the floor waiting for Mayday Parade to get on stage. Though the band takes an extra twenty minutes to get ready, off to the side one of their tour manager/tech looks pissed. What's looking to be a great entrance turns disastrous as the symphonic melody begins to malfunction. People in the audience start chanting for Mayday Parade to appear, already frustrated. Immediately Mayday takes stage trying to salvage their set starting with "Three Cheers for Five Years". After playing "Black Cat", Ocean and Atlantic", Derek Saunders; vocalist apologizes for the previous problems. Though the crowd seemed to forget and was awaiting their next song. Fists pumping in the air before Saunders and the group he asks if they could slow it down as his piano is set on stage. He sits down immediately beginning "Miserable At Best." The crowd begins to sing along louder than before-hand. The whole venue seems calm as he sings the rest of the song. Though there is a stray blown up condom floating around. As Saunders finishes the rest of the members come forth from the shadows, he's says to them "When I Get Home You're So Dead". Everyone begins to yell and cheer as the first verse is belted out, with them moving fluidly on stage. Mayday Parade performs "Jamie All Over" and "Jersey" leaving the crowd satisfied.

Clearing off, you can see Matt Flyzik, All Time Low's manager scurrying on the stage making sure everything is perfect for their set. Large modular lights were set up and their amplifier stacks light up as well. With fog floating around now, the show was expected to be spectacular. All Time Low didn't have another disclaimer like their entrance of the spring's AP Tour. But they sure know how to make an entrance. Lights flashing the fog making the effects better, they rushed on stage to start out with "Poppin' Champagne". The crowd goes insane as confetti and streamers begin to fill the room as the launchers explode. All Time Low play through "Shameless" and "Jasey Rae" before vocalist/guitarist Alex Gaskarth begs the people at merch to hook him up with a new shirt. His button down flannel seemed to be too much, as the rest of the bands also made the comment that it was extremely hot through out the entire show. Nevertheless the shirt was passed up the crowd to center stage where bassist Zack Merrick begins with a jazz tune as Gaskarth starts to unbutton his shirt on stage. Dancing around Gaskarth finally removes his shirt replacing it with a new one he exclaims, "Now that you've seen me topless, I get to see you topless!" No more sexual comments were made until after "Coffee Shop Soundtrack", "The Party Scene" and "Lullabies", where Gaskarth chanted "anal beads!" He also began to substitute dick in every verse possible. Also guitarist Jack Barakat mentions how hot he is and how he plans to shoot his load on all the girls in the crowd. Though drummer Rian Dawson stays relatively quiet through-out the whole set. But they continue on with their sexual banter and play "Six Feet Under the Stars", "The Beach", and "The Girl's a Straight Up Hustler." The band leaves the stage immediately repeating that it was their last song. But the crowd didn't take the joke that funny. They began a mantra of "ALL TIME LOW! ALL TIME LOW!" Alex returns lonesome with a single acoustic guitar. He begins to strum "Remembering Sunday" and let's his vocals take control of the crowd. Soon enough the cheers erupt but he silences them. "Shut up! I want you guys to hear apart of the new song we wrote, it's not finished yet. But it's fucking great!" Gaskarth once again strums but into a new tune that everyone enjoys. They continue to cheer louder hoping for more but Gaskarth states that's all. Dawson, Merrick, and Barakat walk back on stage and now clearly states "This is our last song, let's party and shake this place to the ground!" The final song of the night was "Dear Maria."

The show itself was amazing. Exclude the malfunctions here and there it's a tour you definitely don't want to miss. So hurry up and get your tickets now! But just remember nothing with All Time Low can ever stay PG-Rated, not even PG-13. In fact the Compromising… (AKA The Sellout Tour) was definitely a party in your pants.

Alexandra ZawadaJennifer Lowey is a staff writer in the West Coast region for Musiqtone.com. You can reach her at jenniferlowey@musiqtone.com.
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