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Wednesday, January 23rd
Music Reviews: Concerts
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Copeland/Lovedrug @ Boston

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Relient K
Copeland, Lights, Lydia: Boston, MA

Copeland pulls off masterpiece set on concert

Ever since I heard “Pin Your Wings,” from Copeland’s Beneath the Medicine Tree, I have been a huge fan. I finally had the opportunity to see them on their headlining tour, in support of their new album You Are my Sunshine, October 26 at the Middle East in Boston with openers Lights, Lydia, and Lovedrug. It seemed to be a highly anticipated show- I mean, even ¾ of Boys Like Girls was there- and overall, everyone seemed to enjoy it. The only problem I had was with two of the openers but, I definitely walked away content after seeing Copeland.

I walked in just as the first band started their set, and I have to say I wish I would’ve waited a half hour longer. I felt that newcomer Lights, of Doghouse records, was definitely a strange choice to be on the bill of this tour. An indie pop singer whose looks and even sounds like Ashlee Simpson, is not the type opener I would expect at a Copeland concert. I could hardly pay attention to what song she was singing or what (so-called) witty banter she said on stage because it all sounded the same. It was a generic synthesized set by a generic scene girl whose audience was made up of guys who came to see how attractive she was. However, I will admit, I do have to applaud her for being so confident on stage, this concert was only the third date on the second tour she has ever been on.

The next band to take the stage was Lydia. After hearing their set, and their music for the first time ever, the one thing I regret was not listening to this band sooner. Not only were they a perfect fit for this bill, they had amazing stage presence and their music is something that is worth listening to. I was completely entranced by the way the lead singer, Leighton Antelman, commanded the audience and energetically ran around the stage. His vocals were spot on, as were back-up vocalist and keyboardist, Mindy White’s. Their set was a half-hour of tracks from their old album, as well as, their latest album, Illuminate. After the show I made sure to pick up a copy of their album and I am planning to see this band next time they come to town.

Following Lydia was a forty-five minutes-too-long set by Lovedrug. I found their set to be extremely drawn out, boring, and fueled by rude comments by the lead singer, Michael Shepard. After seeing Lovedrug’s set I realized that they are one of those bands that is best just to listen to on your iPod. The soft and original music centered around a piano definitely had the potential to be a perfect fit for this tour but, it may have just been a little too overindulgent. I even found myself drowsing off about half way through and this certainly isn’t a good thing if the last band before the headliner goes on stage does this to the audience. Don’t get me wrong though, Lovedrug’s music is worth checking out, it’s just their live show that isn’t.

Finally it was time for Copeland and it is without bias that I say this, they were amazing. I haven’t been to a small show like this one in a while, the kind where the band sets up most of their instruments and equipment by themselves and don’t plan an elaborate introduction- it reminded me of why I feel in love with concerts in the first place. You could really tell that everyone in the crowd was there truly for the love of music; there were no excessive screams or horrible pushing to get closer to the stage by wild fans.

Aaron Marsh walked out on stage, simply introduced the band, and sat down and started playing a new song on his piano (which was actually borrowed from Michael Shepard, Marsh’s piano had an unfortunate fall off the stage after the previous day’s show). Next, the rest of the band came out on stage and jumped right into some songs from “Beneath the Medicine Tree,” my favorite Copeland album and as it appeared the be, the audience’s favorite as well among all the cheers. One of the most surprising songs played off this album was Brightest, and it was definitely a highlight of the show, hearing it live is nothing like hearing it on an album. The band played a mix of songs from all their CD’s including their newest album, “You Are My Sunshine.” In relating to their new songs, I didn’t know many of them and usually new songs do evoke groans from the crowd but everyone was really interested in them. Every new song was beautifully composed and sung- they were thoroughly enjoyable. Another surprise for me during this concert was the banter that constantly came out of Aaron Marsh’s mouth and also the band’s antics. It was hilarious, awkward, and completely relaxed. Aaron talked about a hair that was stuck in the back of his throat for the middle portion of the set, even blaming it for the mix up of lyrics he had during one song, and drummer, Jonathan Bucklew, danced in between songs to the techno music that could (unfortunately) be heard playing upstairs. Copeland ended their set with, “You have my Attention.” Everyone around me had smiles on their faces and was amazed when Aaron Marsh held, what seemed to be, the longest note ever. They left the stage but quickly came back for an encore performance of California, a surprising song to officially end with but flawless nonetheless.

After years of waiting to see Copeland, I can confidently say, it was well worth the wait. Although Lights wasn’t what I was expecting to hear when I walked into the venue and Lovedrug dragged on, I really enjoyed listening the Lydia, and of course Copeland. This concert was a concert for people who really can say that they are there just to enjoy the music without other distractions, as every concert should be. This tour is only a week in, I would really recommend going to see it when it comes to your town, or even just pick up an album from one of the bands as soon as you can.

Alexandra ZawadaAmanda Agueda is a staff writer in the East Coast t region for Musiqtone.com. You can reach her at amandaagueda@musiqtone.com.
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