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  Honda Civic Tour  
Honda Civic Tour - Holmdel, NJ

Alt/rock tour rolls into PNC Bank Arts Center
June 6th, 2007 is a day that will not be forgotten by any fan that came to PNC Bank Arts Center to see the Honda Civic Tour, headlined by Chicago rockers, Fall Out Boy. As in any other rock concerts, energetic fans lined up in their band tee-shirts and Converse sneakers waiting to see their favorite band perform and they sure weren’t disappointed.

As the crowd eagerly anticipated Fall Out Boy’s performance they seemed to be very content with the shows opening bands. Cobra Starship warmed the crowd up by making everyone in the venue dance to their energetic and fun set. William Beckett, lead singer of The Academy Is…, and Paul Wall even came onstage during Snakes On A Plane (Bring It) to sing alongside the band. Next up was the odd-man-out, Paul Wall. Although most of the crowd knew none of the words to his songs he got them out of their seats and most people had their hands in the air as they danced along to the beat. The Academy Is… delivered a solid rock performance exciting the crowd with pounding drums and guitar riffs, while William Beckett caught the attention of everyone by running around the stage and jumping of the drum set. As the crowd got even more anxious, +44, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker’s band that formed after Blink 182 broke up, took the stage. They played a lively set with songs from their debut album, When Your Heart Stops Beating.

Finally it was time for headliners, Fall Out Boy, to take the stage. They put on a set that showed how well they belonged on an arena stage after years of selling out small venue shows. The band opened up with the song Thriller as they came shooting up from the stage with an astounding array of pyrotechnics and continued on to play their hits such as, Sugar We're Going Down and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. Their hour and half set list was full of energy, humorous comments coming from bassist, Pete Wentz, and appearances from Fall Out Boy’s infamous friend Dirty. To excite the fans even more Joe Trohman, guitarist of Fall Out Boy, played Dance, Dance in the middle of the arena surrounded by the crowd. There were also some surprise cameos during the band’s set, Gabe Saporta of “Cobra Starship” came onstage during Fall Out Boy and sang a song from his other band “Midtown” called Just Rock and Roll. Also, Adam Siska, of The Academy Is… came out during Saturday to play while Pete Wentz jumped around the stage with just a microphone as confetti poured down to close the show. And as the lights turned down and the crowd flooded out of the venue everyone had a faint smile on their face as they thought about the amazing night they had just had.

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