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Jonas Brothers--Boca Raton, FL

Opening act steals from main attraction in Florida
NickOne might not have realized that there was Jesse McCartney concert on April 13th, 2007 in Boca Raton, FL. The only reminder to those realizing that the Jonas Brothers stole the show, was a giant Jesse McCartney banner behind them.

As is normal for most Jonas Brothers concerts, the backing band members, John Taylor (guitar), Greg Garbowsky (bass guitar), and Jack Lawless (drums), entered the stage a few minutes before the brothers. The crowd was pumped and as the Jonas Brothers finally emerged, fans rushed the stage. While older favorites such as, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”, “Mandy”, “What I Go to School For”, “Hello Beautiful”, and “Year 3000”, were crowd pleasers with nearly every fan singing along, the new songs dominated the performance. 

“Just Friends”, just one of the songs about “girls”, was an instant favorite among fans. “It’s cool we’re just friends,” echoed throughout the outdoor venue as the crowd jumped up and down and sang along after they quickly learned a few words. Then the song “S.O.S” (not to be confused with the song of the same name performed by Rihanna) was performed. With an infectious beat and catchy lyrics, it’s safe to say the boys have done it again. “Hold on tight, it’s a roller coaster ride,” the boys sang out in another new song called “Goodnight and Goodbye.” With all three Jonas Brothers – Joe, Nick, and Kevin – jumping and running around the stage, the energy was sent throughout the crowd. They performed two more new songs called “Hold On” and “Still In Love With You”, which had fans young and old smiling and attempting to sing along to lyrics they didn’t yet know.

Their second to last song was one from the Disney Channel movie, “Meet the Robinsons” called “Kids of the Future.” One can easily say that the fans freaked out when they heard the opening chords to the song and they saw Joe doing the same movements he did at the beginning of the music video. Every “whoa-oh” was audible from all sides as fans sang along and punched the air during the chorus. The show ended with the always energetic and previously mentioned “Year 3000” which was a great end to the show.

It may not be the best thing in the world, but Jesse McCartney basically got “poned” as the boys might say. Almost every Jonas Brothers fan left the venue immediately after their performance, not even hearing a note from Jesse.

It’s safe to say that the Jonas Brothers have come a long way since their 7th show back in 2005 that they performed with Jesse McCartney. Only 4 songs were played on the show that day. Now, for what Greg Garbowsky calls their “7th billion show ever”, 11 songs – almost a full set – resulted in the Jonas Brothers stealing the show.

The Jonas Brothers are on tour now and have dates listed through July with more to be added soon. Their second album, “Jonas Brothers”, hits stores August 7th.

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