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By Alan Ho

Who:  tHrOnE
Where:  Hartford, CT
For fans of:  Green Day, blink-182, Angels & Airwaves, All Time Low, Good Charlotte

This group out of Hartford, CT formed in the early 2000s all in the family as the Trafton Brothers Derek & Casey along with their cousin Justin Millar.  Their distinct but strong pop-punk sounds eventually caught the eye of the Madden brothers of Good Charlotte and in particular guitarist Billy Martin and for a few years, the rest was history as the CT threesome took that sound all over the country with some of the stalwarts on the pop-punk circuit like New Found Glory, blink-182 and the aforementioned Good Charlotte.

The brothers’ cousin Justin eventually left the group in 2009 for personal reasons and the brothers transitioned into EDM and fine-tuned their studio production skills for the next eight years, putting tHrOnE on the back-burner until…

Fast forward to 2017 as fans of tHrOnE came back out en masse and eventually convinced the Trafton brothers to hang up their EDM shoes and get back to what made them tick and make a self-titled album as their comeback after ten years.

In a press release, Derek says:

“When Casey and I started writing music again after (virtually) 10 years of not playing in the band we grew up in, it was weird. Weird, but still pretty easy. The songs still came naturally, but there was a certain “restarting” period there – like breaking in a new pair of shoes. That’s kind of how I see our return/self-titled album. I’m so proud of those songs and they were really important, especially at the time. Being as I mixed and produced that record as well, when I listen back I can instantly hear all the things I would change. But that comes with anything art related – you always getter better, and always feel like you can top your previous efforts (hopefully!).

What I didn’t fully expect after writing that album, is that some floodgates would be opened. Now the songs come at me from every angle – I have hundreds of ideas scattered down in my phone and on paper, and dozens of songs “waiting” to be written.

I originally had a different plan for this next album, but it was at that moment that I started to write a few darker songs. Dark isn’t the right word. Real? Embarrassing? I love pop music and will always be infatuated with a killer hook, well written melody and well structured song. But there were some things buried that I still needed to expel.

The next album is a concept album – the first half leans towards my darker thoughts, thoughts that I may not have been proud of, past or present. Thoughts that I may have not wanted to admit to myself. The second half will come out towards the light. It just seemed to flow this way…

“The Fatigue” is the opening track to the new album (which we’re not going to reveal the title of til the end of the year). This song comes from the murky area which comes after heartbreak, but before completely giving up: “…but I’m way past broken hearted/…now I’m way past problem-solving.”

There you have it, the end result after ten years since their last new music, so get ready and buckle up folks, tHrOnE are coming back and 2019 will be their year.

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