Technologies That Transformed the Way Musicians Make Music Forever

Technologies That Transformed the Way Musicians Make Music Forever

While technology is impacting almost every aspect of our daily lives, arts often seem to get left out. However, these creative fields have the potential to gain or lose a lot in the long-run. The world of music is one of the creative areas which seems to be regularly influenced by advancements in tech. 

Think about it, who doesn’t listen to music? As such, innovations in software and hardware has changed the way people create and listen to music. Some prefer to use their smartphones as they browse Pennsylvania online casinos, while others use CD players and DAWS. Here are the most crucial technologies that have transformed the way musicians create music.

The Phonograph

Going back to the history of music, Thomas Edison gave the industry a unique piece of equipment though often overlooked. The phonograph is one of his best creations, bringing music to living rooms worldwide. This invention came to life in 1877, at a time when music was confined to live performances in ballrooms and concerts for the elite.

The phonograph is considered the first music system before the vinyl or MP3 player. It was the first device able to recreate the recorded sound, encouraging the growth in popularity of some music genres like blues and jazz. 

The Turntable

Similar to the phonograph, the turntable was a crucial component in the development of arguably the most influential music genre in the world, hip hop. This playback device gave aspiring DJs the power to offer their perspectives to popular songs and eventually spawning popular genres like house music and techno.

The Synthesizer

If you own a home studio, then you most probably have a few synthesizers around. The synthesizer was born from the desire to replicate or create the huge sounds available in live orchestras. Initially, they were power tools equipped with countless sounds, ushering in several decades of wavy tracks.

The Electric Guitar

How many songs today include an electric guitar? All these tunes might not have come to life if the electric guitar was never invented. Created by Les Paul in 1941, this instrument took the musical scene by a storm, changing it forever. In fact, it helped to bring forth the new era of rock ‘n’ roll. The new age sound, combined with the ease of use made the electric instrument a staple for upcoming musicians looking for ways to challenge the existing sounds at the time. 

MIDI Controller

If you don’t own a synthesizer for your home studio, you probably use a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). The technology allows the users to connect a computer or other musical devices to play several electronic instruments simultaneously. 

You can use the MIDI controller to play piano sounds at one minute, then shift to harp or guitar without skipping a beat. In short, it has allowed musicians to access a wide range of sounds that would be impossible or too expensive for them to buy at once.

The Personal Computer

The PC is probably the innovation that has had the most significant impact in the music industry. Today, anybody with a computer can be part of the music arena by creating sounds without instruments or even a studio. Even better, the computer makes it easy to access and listen to music from any part of the world.


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