The Best CodaBow for Cello

The Best CodaBow for Cello

The bow makers and engineers at CodaBow offer a wide range of bow models available for violin, viola, and cello. Though every product comes in a distinct variation, it is hard to distinguish which one is suited best for you and your cello. 


In choosing the right cello bow, you must consider what type of bow you are looking for. Are you looking for a beginner, intermediate, or professional cello bow? Choosing the appropriate bow that matches your skills is important. The same goes for choosing the right size that suits your arm length. And most importantly, you must look for the bow that sounds perfectly with your cello. 


In this article, we gathered some of the best CodaBow applicable for your cello. If you want to know more about these models, scroll down below!


  • 1.  Student model

Under the student model category is the “Prodigy” which is the cost-effective entry bow in the CodaBow line. It is offered in the same design and consistency a graphite and kevlar composite stick gives.  But the difference is, you can save more money if you insist in buying these because it comes in more basic fittings and less advanced stick material that sacrifices some bow agility that is not necessary for intermediate students. This product is available in CodaBow in sizes either ¾ or 4/4.


  • 2.  Diamond collection 

The NX, SX, and GX models under the Diamond collection are designed specifically for advanced and professional bow players. The goal of the makers of this collection is to produce the same agility and tone-drawing properties of high quality to fine wood bows through its appearance, fit, and finish good enough to replicate classical players.


  • 3.  Marquis GS 

For musicians seeking a bow experience with the finest French tradition, then the Marquis GS is perfect for you. It is combined with cutting edge materials engineering and a touch of the master bow maker offering stability, tracking, and response of a wooden bow.


  • 4.  Specialized Designs 

Under the specialized designs are the Joule and Luma with the same great design principles and materials found under Diamond Collection bows. But they are tweaked with some alterations. The Joule bow weighs more than the Diamond bows because of its powerful tone and extended range instruments. With this being said, they are chosen mostly by 4-string players. While the Luma serves a lighter, more agile, and responsive feeling weighing a couple grams less than the Diamond Collection. It is loved by fiddlers and classical players. 

All of the said models are available for either violin, viola, and cello versions featuring a graphite diamond weave shaft and composite wedges or plugs. The frog of each model is made of an eco-friendly composite called XEBONY.


Before splurging money, it is important to know the price cost of these CodaBows. From lowest to highest rate, here is the order of the CodaBow listed above: Prodigy, NX, Luma, SX, Joule, GX, and Marquis GS. All of them are backed up by a warranty card that lasts for 5 years with the Diamond GX having an exemption of lifetime warranty.


If you are seeking for the best bow, the brand is not the question because undoubtedly, CodaBow is the best in that field! The question is, “What CodaBow should you choose?” We hope that in this article, we helped you weigh decisions on which model to invest. 


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