The Best Soundtracks in Video Games

The Best Soundtracks in Video Games

Most millennials like playing video games. Each game requires a soundtrack to evoke a particular emotion or to create a particular atmosphere. Soundtracks do not have a direct effect on the gameplay. It is essential to choose a soundtrack that suits your personality and preference. Here is a Resorts Casino Bonus Code and the top seven soundtracks in video games.


Interstate ‘76′

Interstate ‘76′ is a vehicular combat video game with a thrilling soundtrack. It differs from traditional heavy metal songs. The game debuted in 1997 and it won the Outstanding Achievement in Sound and Music award.


Street Fighter II

The game has soundtracks for characters rather than for stages. Each soundtrack is distinctive, recognizable and unique. The music suits the personalities of all fighters. For example, Vega was gallant and mysterious, while M. Bison was foreboding.


Final Fantasy 7

Nobuo Uematsu produced an amazing soundtrack for Final Fantasy 7. You can listen to it with an orchestra to understand its tonal variations. The MIDI sound makes it a unique soundtrack. Nobuo wrote individual scenes separately without forcing a particular mood. The game has a massive score as it covered different genres.


Street Hacker

Street Hacker was released in 2004. It occurs in a virtual computer that resembles a Linux shell. The game involves double-crossing and corporate espionage. Heavy bass and EDM influence the soundtrack in Street Hacker.



Minecraft fans often spend a lot of time building fantasies, exploring and harvesting different resources. The soundtrack suits different environments which a player visits without distracting them. The game might appear empty if you try to play it without its music. The soundtrack does not attract unnecessary attraction.


Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar chose a nice soundtrack that complements different scenes in the video game, for instance, the first time that John Marston travels to Mexico. The game pauses in certain emotional scenes. It catches similar emotions with its soundtrack.



Some songs change according to a particular activity in a video game. They respond to particular cues. Abzu’s music comprises a choir and a complete orchestra which respond dynamically to cue changes.

Soundtracks can resemble those in films. They evoke certain emotions to attract the attention of the player. We have highlighted seven  top soundtracks in video games. The offer an exciting experience to players. Certain songs are appropriate for particular game genres such as action and mind puzzles.

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