The Critics Corner | Catholic Guilt

The Critics Corner | Catholic Guilt

By Alan Ho

If you take the sunniness of pop-punk stalwarts All Time Low, then add a bonfire and throw in some good old fashioned folk, you get rising Australian group Catholic Guilt.  They have made their mark earlier this year when Alternative Press named them on a list of “10 Genre-Bending Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.”

Well, that ship has sailed after listening to their EP  This Is What Honesty Sounds Like.  It is a breezy, bonfire folksy, pop-punky 5 tracker, giving the listener a clear sample of the Catholic Guilt experience.  Opening track “A Boutique Affair” is probably as pure pop-punk you get in the entire EP.  There’s clear shades and nods to All Time Low, New Found Glory and MxPx.  In fact, those shades and nods permeate the entire EP, but the next four tracks mix both pop-punk with the bonfire-style folk, an interesting but wonderful combo.

The next four tracks have this combo down to a pat.  All of them can be heard and rocked to a party…or the dearly departed Warped Tour.  But they can also be heard and rocked around a bonfire with 50 of your best friends. A track like “Song of the Renter” is definitely the clearest example…starts like being at Warped Tour and finishes at a bonfire with said best friends.

Catholic Guilt with this EP has showcased a tantalizing taste of what they are all about and what they can do when given the opportunity to perhaps flesh out a full length.  The quintet is definitely a group to be watching for the rest of the year as the secret trickles out:  you can combine the best of pop-punk with the best of the kind of folk that is suited for a bonfire or campfire with your best friends.  And make it sound like THAT.

Album name:  This Is What Honesty Sounds Like
Label: Wiretap Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Release date:  August 28, 2020  


01.  A Boutique Affair
02. Song of the Renter
03. Life In Three Part Harmony
04. The Awful Truth
05. Nothing



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