The Premiere Box | Ashley Wool — Half Of My Life

The Premiere Box | Ashley Wool — Half Of My Life

By Alan Ho–

In today’s attention span deficient pop music world, twelve years between songs is an eternity.  Some may say, that’s a lifetime.  But for Ashley Wool, it’s probably, likely worth it.  

Her first single was a fun one; but “Half Of My Life” is described as ” the most personal and vulnerable song” she has ever written.  

As described by Wool:  

“This song is directed at him, but it’s also directed at the toxic positivity culture I had to grapple with during my recovery. People love to say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but I know now that’s not true. What doesn’t kill you dramatically alters your brain chemistry and permanently damages your ability to cope with everything else that doesn’t kill you. People also love to romanticize the idea of making beautiful art from pain, they imagine that that will somehow cure you or take a weight off your shoulders. But it doesn’t. You have to go to a lot of dark places and then step outside of them and try to be objective about what you’ve created. It sucks. Nobody tells you how often you second-guess yourself, how often you ask yourself why you’re “really” doing this, how you have to tread carefully between your artistic eye, your professional attitude, and the demons you’re exorcising.”

Take a listen in the YouTube lyric stream!

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