The Premiere Box | Bite Me Bambi

The Premiere Box | Bite Me Bambi

Video | Hot Lava

By Alan Ho

Given the times now, just because a lot of life has stopped, doesn’t mean music has to!

And here’s the proof.  There is a group out there who would like to tell you that the demises of ska and pop-punk are highly exaggerated.  In fact, there are groups out there who strive to prove that it’s still there and just because No Doubt has left it, doesn’t mean another group can’t take it and run with it!  So, enter Orange County seven piece Bite Me Bambi!  The group is led by the dynamic Tahlena Chikami and brings in members from various bands such as My Superhero, Save Ferris, and Starpool.  

The highly talented combo produces the kind of ska, pop and pop-punk that is described as electric, dynamic, fresh and a level of WOW.  To get a feel for the experience, check out the new music video “Hot Lava!”

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