The Premiere Box | Chelsea Collins

The Premiere Box | Chelsea Collins

By Alan Ho

Who:  Chelsea Collins
Video: Used To Be (L.O.V.E) — Acoustic

Think of this:  Take Britney Spears, throw the sass of Katy Perry with the dreamy landscape of Taylor Swift with the brutal lyrical honesty of Dua Lipa.  Combine it with the production chops of heavyweights like Ryan Tedder and Max Martin.

Enter in California singer-songwriter and producer (and guitarist, did we miss anything?) Chelsea Collins.  Collins, who burst on to the scene during the COVID lockdown with “07 Britney,” whose accompanying video paid direct homage to that era’s Britney now presents the Nat King Cole inspired “Used to Be (L.O.V.E.).”  This song has produced tens of thousands Tik Tok creates in just a span of a few weeks and now Chelsea presents the song in acoustic fashion and performed in a….bathtub.

Thaaaat’s right, the bathtub. 

Catch the bathtub visual below:

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