The Premiere Box | Sabrina Carpenter

The Premiere Box | Sabrina Carpenter

Credit:  Island Records

After a few years with Hollywood Records, multi-faceted superstar Sabrina Carpenter moves to Island Records where she trades in her dance beats for guitars, emotional lyrics and just good old fashioned pop, the nineties that is.

Her new single, titled “Skinny Dipping” is a conversational look back if you will as she recounts an encounter with an old flame and as she describes it:  

“Hear the barista call an oat milk latte and your name and I look up from my phone and think there’s no chance it’s you, but it is,” and answers a question about her sister, “Shannon’s being Shannon. Between strings and horns, naked emotion drives the hook, “It’d be so nice, right? If we could take it all off and just exist and skinny dip in water under the bridge.”

 About the song, she commented, “One day we’ll be older and see our past experiences with such fresh eyes that maybe the bad things won’t feel so bad, and trust that life will lead us exactly where we’re meant to be.”

The song, cowritten by Carpenter and pop superstar Julia Michaels, this is following her smash hit “Skin.”  Watch the video below:


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