The Premiere Box | X Ambassadors, Earl St. Clair

The Premiere Box | X Ambassadors, Earl St. Clair

By Alan Ho

Who:  X Ambassadors, Earl St. Clair
Video:  torture

The third and final electric collab, X Ambassadors teamed up with Alabama bred triple threat (singer, songwriter, producer) Earl St. Clair for “torture,” an emotionally raw pop-soul piece.  As mentioned before, it is the third and final track from (EG) featuring some of the best and brightest talents the group have teamed up with for their work.

As lead singer Sam Harris describes St. Clair:

“We had our first session with Earl and wrote pretty much all of ‘torture’ in a few hours,” Harris recalls. “I had the chorus and Earl came on and did the rest and made it his own, and right away I asked if he’d be down to be a part of this project.”   

Catch the cinematic visual below:


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