The Spotlight

The Spotlight

Credit:  Atlantic Records

By Alan Ho

Who:  Brynn Elliott
Where: Los Angeles by way of Atlanta, GA
For fans of:  Alanis Morissette, Kelly Clarkson, Brandi Carlile

The empowerment train continues as we head really to Atlanta, GA for alt-pop talent Brynn Elliott.  Imagine going to college at Harvard full-time and STILL find time to make electric music AND WHILE also playing sold out shows opening for the likes of Brandi Carlile, Grace Potter, Alanis, Switchfoot and O.A.R….well you can’t imagine that because Brynn has done ALL that!!!

After graduating from Harvard with a degree in philosophy in 2018, Elliott’s career has certainly taken off, starting with debut EP in the same year titled Time Of Our Lives that spawned the breakout single “Might Not Like Me.”  That put her music on the map as the music video got a plum spot on the Times Square billboard!  

Not willing to settle on the path created by the debut EP, Elliott reaches for more in her upcoming EP Can I Be Real, further crafting her take on alt-pop with some real world sensibilities taken from her experiences and studies at Harvard.  Take for example the lead single “Tell Me I’m Pretty” from her official bio:

““In school there was a scandal with the men’s soccer team, where they had a group message that rated incoming freshmen based on their hotness,” Elliott recalls. “It made me think about how, especially in the age of social media, we can’t escape being confronted with other people’s ideas of how we should look. ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ came from wondering what it would be like if we moved past being so focused on image, and recognized that there’s something bigger and more important going on inside you.’”

“Letter To A Girl” is a much more personal song, written and composed as a letter to her own younger self and taken from her most recent tour with rising group Why Don’t We as a tour opener and the  young women she met on tour.  But it might be the title track itself that showcases the musical spirit of Brynn Elliott…we’ll let her quote in her official bio tell the story:

“That song is me acknowledging the parts of myself that aren’t so awesome,” says Elliott. “We get a lot of messages of empowerment these days, and I definitely want people to feel empowered by my music too, but I also want them to feel it’s okay to be human. In some ways, I feel like everything I’ve ever written was leading up to the point of me writing ‘Can I Be Real?’”

Check out the aforementioned “Tell Me I’m Pretty” music video as well as the personal “Letter To A Girl” below, you’ll see why we traveled to Atlanta (but based in LA these days!) to check out the sound:

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